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Developing our NextJS backend


This is our Next.js implementation for our new administration.

In production all requests to /admin-next/* are executed by this application.

This is our most recent code, so we use TypeScript instead of Flow.

Getting Started


First, make sure your /etc/hosts contains:

Then check all docker containers are running (fab local.infrastructures.up), because admin-next is using Redis to access the user's session.

Daily commands


All commands requires to be in the admin-next folder.

First, start the development SSL proxy, it adds HTTPS support. Run this command in a tab (you will need to keep it running):

yarn start-ssl-proxy

Admin-next also uses it's own relay compiler, so don't forget to run it:

yarn relay

Then in an other tab, start the NextJS development server:

yarn dev

Open with your browser to see the result.

The pages/* directory is mapped to /* with auto reloading.

How to install deps

We use an admin-next workspace, so use something like:

yarn workspace admin-next add next@latest

Learn More

To learn more about Next.js, take a look at the following resources: